The house that wanted a family

Last week we focused on a call text called, ‘The house that wanted a family’ by Susan Spence Daniel. It was all about a sad, lonely house who wanted a family. This got us talking about our families and who lives in our houses. The children created some wonderful work based around this and they had great fun telling us all about their family life.

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The learning we have been focusing on this week has been around;

name writing,

pencil grip and pencil control,

talking about the drawings we have created,

Focused numbers of the day,

counting with 1:1 correspondence (the link explains in detail what this is).

and finally recognising the numbers 1-10.

You will have noticed that the children brought some worksheets home last week to complete at home. They will not be sent home everyday and they are not compulsory to complete, but the children who do will be getting a golden ticket! 🙂

Please continue to read at home and sign the reading record at least 3 times a week.

This week we are focusing on the text: Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson

Welcome to Reception

Hello and Welcome to Reception,

We have been eagerly awaiting for our Reception children to finally join us, and what a fantastic start to the new year it has been.

All of the Reception team are amazed and thrilled at how quickly the new cohort have settled in. They have really enjoyed the freedom of exploring the inside and outside areas, and are already beginning to understand basic routines that run within the classrooms.

The children are communicating well with each other, and whilst old friendships from nurseries continue to flourish, new friendships are being made everyday.

We look forward to seeing what the rest of the this half term will bring.

Hear is a quick look at the children settling in so far.


IMG_0602IMG_0603 IMG_1915