Waterproof or not?

Hi all!

Today we carried out an experiment to see which material would be the best for a hat for Baby Bear to stop his fur getting wet when he comes down from space.  He was wearing a vegetable colander so not a great choice!

The children  stood under an umbrella while Mrs Toms poured water over/into the materials being tested.  If the water dripped through, the material was a terrible material for a hat.  If no water came through then it was a great material for a hat!


Whatever Next!

Hi all!

Just a quick update with some of our learning that has taken place over the last couple of weeks!

We have been learning all about ‘Whatever Next’- a story about Baby Bear travelling to the moon, meeting an owl and having a picnic! We have written a shopping list for picnic foods, cut and glued pictures of space essentials into backpacks, tested materials to see which one would make a good space helmet for baby bear, recorded speech for an eBook of the story and many more fun activities!

The children have loved pretending to go to space in our spaceship role play!

We are also focusing on each number from 1-5.  We are looking at the shape of the number and how to draw that many items/represent the number through mark making. It is important that children learn to stop at that number to understand the true value of the number.

Next week, we will be learning about the story of ‘Owl Babies’ and finding out about nocturnal animals as we approach the darker and colder months of the year!

Perhaps you could watch some owl videos together or carry out some simple research! The library is a good resource to use to check out some information books together!

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2Simple Update

Hi all

We are currently unable to approve your submissions to our 2Simple Evidence Me assessment system.  The app has a fault – we are looking into this.


Thanks for your patience,


Reception Team

Reception go to the library!

This morning, Willow 1 & 2  visited Elm Park Library.

Kathy Scourfield is our link librarian who runs the sessions for children at Elm Park School.  The children walked beautifully and safely and had a lovely time listening to stories and looking through the books.

Well done Willows!

A Million Thanks…

Hi all

Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to come to our Read Write Inc Phonics Workshop.  It was really heartwarming to lead the sessions with such enthusiastic parents.

Here are the links to the phonics sounds videos as taught by the fabulous Mr Chris Thorne aka Mr Phonics/Mr Thorne Does Phonics.


Subscribe to his channel to see all the sounds your child will be taught in Reception and Year 1/2.

Below is a video produced to tell you more about the Read Write Inc scheme.

An outcome of the workshops was that parents would like more support with the pre cursive handwriting.  Therefore each child will receive a print out with an explanation note stapled to it during the week of 11.11.2019.  This is yours to keep for your reference.

We are more than happy to post tutorials of how to form each letter in the cursive style if you feel that this is something you would benefit from. Please let me know.

We also discussed further workshops that we are keen to put on at your request.  Most parents said they would benefit from early maths and reading workshops.  Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

Many thanks again,

Mrs Toms

Our First Four Phonics Sounds

Our first new sound is ‘m’.

We can write this easily by saying ‘Maisie, mountain, mountain’ as we write the letter.

Our second new sound is ‘a’.

We can write this easily by saying ‘Around the apple, down the leaf’ as we write the letter.

Our third new sound is ‘s’.

We can write this easily by saying ‘Slither down the snake’ as we write the letter.

Our fourth new sound is ‘d’.

We can write this easily by saying ‘Around the dinosaur’s bottom, up his tall neck and down to his feet’ as we write the letter.

Space Chase Superstars!

Hi all

Today we said “Congratulations” to two of our amazing readers.  They worked really hard over the summer holidays to read as many books as they could and spoke to the librarians and volunteers about what they had read.  They each received a medal and a certificate.

The reading challenges take place in Havering libraries (and libraries across the country) every summer.  Look our for publications on how your child can be involved in the next summer challenge.

Well done!

Mrs Toms xx

RWI Workshop

Hi all

Don’t forget our RWI workshop THIS week! Wednesday 6th November 2019 at 8:45 in the large hall OR Thursday 7th November 2019 at 5pm in Willow Class.

We hope to see many of you there.

Mrs Toms xxx


Rosie’s Amazing Writing!

Rosie has been working very hard at home and has written (with help from her mummy!) an amazing story all about children who enter the TV and end up on The Great British Bake Off and Bo Peep who comes to life!

Rosie told the story to her mummy who kindly wrote it down word for word.  Rosie then illustrated the story with pictures of secret doors and delicious cakes.

The paper was beautifully placed inside a pink, glittery card cover and tied off with string.

Mrs Toms enjoyed reading it to the children and Rosie was very excited too!

THEN…. Rosie’s mummy sent Mrs Toms a photograph of even MORE work that Rosie has been doing.  Take a look at the picture below!

Well done Rosie!

If you have any great stories to tell, ask your parents and carers to help you write them down and send them in.  We love to read them!

Mrs Toms xxx



Parent Share on 2Simple Evidence Me

Don’t forget to download the 2Simple Evidence Me app and log in with your credentials! If you have any difficulty logging in, please contact Mrs Sale.

Once you’re up and running with the app, simply snap a photo or video of any incredible learning that has happened at home and write a little note to say what happened.

For example:

“Jessie counted the stairs from 1-12 as she walked up them”.

“Daisy learned how to put her coat on by herself and fastened the buttons”.

“Harry wrote ‘dad’ by himself using his sounds”

Evidence comes from everywhere in the early years!

If we share something with you, please write a parent note to say how pleased/impressed you are with your child!

Many thanks

Mrs Toms