Look at our wonderful homework

The topic this half term in Year 2 was ‘Superheroes”. 

The children’s choice of homework tasks were to :

Draw themselves as a superhero

Write a story about the day in the life of a Superhero

Draw and describe a real life hero

Make a vehicle for a Superhero

Make a wanted poster for a villan

Look at the their fantastic homework.


Green screen fun

Chestnut class had great fun experimenting with green screening during their computing lesson. First they attached some green backing paper to the classroom walls. Then, using the Do Ink app on the ipads, chose a background for their screens. In their groups, they then took turns to act and film.

It was a fantastic first attempt and everyone had a great afternoon. Here is a sample of some of the videos.


Year 1 have been learning all about capacity and filing up different sized containers. They were given the task of working out how to fill up a container so that it is one quarter full and then one quarter empty. Then they practiced this skill by filling up different sized containers.

Mrs Jones

Meeting Bella

This week, Bella, our gorgeous school dog, has been out in the sunshine at lunchtime to meet the children. Everyone loved spending time with her, even those who were a little nervous to start with. As you can see, Bella really enjoyed all of the attention.

Algorithms, sequencing and de-bugging in year 1!

During their Computing lessons, year 1 have been learning about Algorithms. An algorithm is a precise sequence of instructions that humans and computers follow to complete tasks. The children had great fun chalking out their mazes in the playground and then giving their friends a precise sequence of instructions to get through their maze.  If they got their instructions wrong, they then had to ‘de-bug’ their Algorithm.

You can see in the photos that the children created some fantastic colourful mazes and had great fun.



Making nests in year 1

In Year 1 we have been investigating the best material for a nest. We made nests using chicken wire, tissue paper , tin foil , cotton wool and felt. We considered the properties of some of these  materials. These are some of our thoughts
Cotton wool  ” soft and warm “,
Chicken wire ” strong but cold “
Tissue paper ” would go soggy in the rain “
Tin foil  ” shiny, so mummy bird can find her nest “
Felt ” warm and cosy”
We then put our hard boiled eggs in the nest and dropped each one from a height to investigate how the materials protected the egg.
Mrs Taylor

Mystery Eggs!

Year 1 have found some mysterious eggs outside in their garden. There are 4 unique eggs and we even found one had hatched. We have been describing the eggs, writing what we might think is inside and also writing questions to Ms Morris to see whether or not she has any more information. 

Miss Majevadia