Sound Science

Year 3 planned and carried out an experiment to test which material was the most effective at muffling sound.  The children discussed fair testing and how to make a scientific prediction.  Ryan & Divine were our two students who were able to predict that the plastic carrier bags would be the best at muffling the sound from the shaker- even the adults were sure the fabric would be the best muffler!  The children understood that it is exciting to get a prediction wrong and even professional scientists predict incorrectly every day! 

Sports Day

Towards the end of the week, we had both KS1 and KS2 Sports Day. The weather was great and the children were ready to go! Each child wore either red, yellow, green or blue and represented their colour/house in their races. KS2 Sports Day took place first with a 9:30 start, it saw the children take part in sprints, long jump, long distance, throwing and a relay. 

During lunch time there was a picnic on the field where parents, children and teachers ate lunch and enjoyed a BBQ put on by The Friends of Elm Park Primary. 

The KS1 Sports Day started shortly after lunch. Children took part in 6 events egg and spoon race, sprint, obstacle relay, corridor relay, ball throw and the sack race. 

We would like to thank all parents and careers for attending and The Friends of Elm Park Primary for supporting. A final thank you to Evie Bragger for her fantastic photography. 

Miss Joseph

Junior Music Festival


The KS2 choir did our school proud on Friday at the Junior Music Festival at the Queens theatre. We were the smallest choir there but that did not stop them putting in a show stopping performance of ‘Walking on Sunshine’.

Well done KS2 choir you are all superstars!

Miss Munro

Mrs Gloss has an ugly, horrible and disgusting face!

The children in Year 3 have been writing descriptions of a brand new character.  We have seen some fantastic work with similes, adjectives and commas to separate items in a list!  Here is an extract from  Ryan’s work.  ​”Mrs Gloss has an ugly, horrible and disgusting face.  Her teeth are black and bruised.  Her breath smells like stinky, rotten eggs because she doesn’t brush them.”  We definitely have the next Roald Dahl or David Walliams in our year group!

Mrs Toms


Quad Kids


On 19th June, some children from Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to represent the school at Quad Kids. During the event, which was held at Hornchurch Stadium, children participated in a long distance run, a sprint race, vortex throw and standing long jump. The children did themselves, their parents and the school proud, well done!

Health and Fitness Week

Health and Fitness Week has been a great success with the children taking part in lots of different activities and being able to enjoy different healthy fruit and veg. On Monday, the children took part in the 5-a-day Pentathlon and will be trying to better their score in September. Throughout the day on Tuesday, children took part in a Clubbercise session in which they danced the day away to some classic songs. The smoothie bike took off on Wednesday, as we saw each class create their winning smoothie. Finally on Thursday the children took to their seats to watch Teachers vs Year 6 rounder, which saw the teacher win. 

Miss Joseph

Learning about Spike Milligan

Year 3 have started learning about the famous poet Spike Milligan.  We researched lots of facts about him, his TV & radio shows and listened to four of his most absurd poems! ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ and ‘Land of the Bumbley Boo’ seemed to be very popular across the two classes.  We discovered that he was born in Poona, India and was the son of an Irish captain.   Lots of interesting discussions were held about the invention of television and why the radio was such a popular form of entertainment in the past.

Mrs Toms


Finding the Inverse

Hi all

This week in Ash & Aspen we are busy finding the inverse for addition and subtraction problems.  This is proving to be very challenging! Any support at home you can give the children will be beneficial.

For example if presented with the question   ______ – 20 = 40, we can add the 20 + 40 back together to make 60.  We then must prove that it works by completing 60-20=40.  If the 3 numbers match, then we are correct.  If they do not match we need to check for errors in our adding or subtracting.

Once the children are secure in doing this with 2 digit numbers, move onto 3 digit numbers.

Many thanks,

Mrs Toms

Number fun

This week, the whole school has been on the look out for big red numbers! The numbers are hidden and the children are on a mission to find them and return them to Miss Brown,along with a fact of their choice about that number. The children have enjoyed searching throughout the school and showing off their number skills!

Miss Brown

Lightbot App

Hello everyone,

We are playing with the Lightbot App today.  We are learning about algorithms and how we input instructions into a computer in the right order.  Here are some pictures- some levels were tricky but we persevered and shared our knowledge when a friend was stuck!