Year 3 PE

Due to the snow falling from the sky and whizzing around in the wind, it wasn’t safe enough for us to carry out our normal kwik cricket lessons so we had to change our lesson to suit being indoors!

We watched a Joe Wicks Body Coach workout and copied his movements to complete the High Intensity Workout for schools.  Joe Wicks posted a week long series of workouts for schools that you can access from home by clicking on the following link; 

After this, we listened to relaxing music and carried out some mindfulness activities.

A very different but very energetic lesson!




Year 3 have started their new topic of ‘Active Planet’ by researching facts and creating fabulous eBooks and Morfobooth videos to demonstrate what they have been learning about.  We also looked at the Pixar short ‘Lava’ on YouTube and wrote a short retell of the story using sentence openers such as ‘After a while’ and ‘During this time’.  We can’t wait to learn about the properties of rocks and to carry out experiments such as dissolving parts of rocks in vinegar!

Mrs Toms

Making Skara Brae settlements

Year 3 enjoyed making a Skara Brae (remaining Stone Age settlements in Orkney, Scotland) settlements with their shoe boxes.  We discussed the foundations and how the land is above the settlements and why only the stone remains.  The children discussed the use of animal skins for purposes such as blankets and the importance of a fire pit in the centre of the room.  The children then went outside to work in groups using natural materials to recreate the settlements

Mrs Toms

IMG_2317 (1)

Learning to tell the time


Year 3 have been learning all about the tricky concept of time! As you can imagine, it is very difficult and so the children need as many opportunities as possible to tell the time both in school and at home.  We are focusing on the 12 hour clock and how to read the time to the nearest 5 minutes e.g. 25 minutes past twelve.

Mrs Toms  

Stone Age Food & Homes

Year 3 are really enjoying learning about the Stone Age.

We have learned about the Palaeolithic era (2.6 million years ago), through to the Mesolithic era (after the glaciers and ice!, also known as the middle of the Stone Age) up to the Neolithic era which lasted until approximately 12000 years ago.

We have made fruit stews as the Stone Age humans would have done and today we found out about the different types of homes.

We discovered that Palaeolithic humans made use of caves to escape the harsh weathers.  Why make a home when there is already a home available?!


We then discovered that Mesolithic homes were more advanced than caves as they began using their tools to build these teepee- shaped houses. They would have used animal skins to cover the wooden structures and placed turf on the floors inside.


The two images below are from the Neolithic era.  Both used more advanced tools and required more intelligence to create.  Some followed the round style, where others became rectangular.  They used thatching for the roofs or wattle and daub.



We will use the information we discovered in groups to write paragraphs comparing the different dwellings to our homes nowadays.

Mrs Toms xx


Year 3 watched a video to help them recreate an impressionist painting by Claude Monet of the Waterlily Pond.

They were only allowed to use finger painting to recreate the blurred scenes.  Their perseverance was incredible!


IMG_2602 IMG_2603 IMG_2604 IMG_2605 IMG_2606 IMG_2607 IMG_2608 IMG_2609 IMG_2610 IMG_2611 IMG_2612 IMG_2613 IMG_2614 IMG_2615 IMG_2616 IMG_2617 IMG_2618 IMG_2619 IMG_2620 IMG_2621 IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2626 IMG_2627



Wow Year 3!

What an amazing job you did of taking and editing interesting photos!

You worked really hard to use the correct lighting, use the shadows to your advantage, adjust the light and focus and on top of that you edited really well!  You added filters and cropped your images to improve and enhance them.

Mrs Toms was REALLY impressed!

IMG_0881 IMG_1015 IMG_1082 IMG_1122 IMG_1125 IMG_1469 IMG_1504 IMG_1509 IMG_1586 IMG_1601 IMG_2105 IMG_2308 IMG_2358 IMG_2404 IMG_2529 IMG_2547 IMG_2558 IMG_2603 IMG_2635 IMG_2744 IMG_2948 IMG_3075 IMG_3268 IMG_4068


Hi All

In our R.E lessons we have been learning about Christianity, including beliefs and values.We have considered the importance of Christmas to Christians and discussed how different communities celebrate Christmas.

On Monday , the children are going to be learning about the Christingle Service and as part of their R.E lesson , every child will be making a Christingle . Please can your child bring an orange to school for their Christingle and if possible a small party candle. Also donations of red sticky tape or small sweets would be appreciated.

Thank you Y3