QR codes

During their computing lessons, year 2 have been learning about QR codes. Last week, linked to their topic work, the children went on a QR code hunt to fill in the missing words on their Safari fact sheet. This week the children created their own QR codes to show facts that they had learnt in class. Can you scan these codes to see what Morire, Eve, Zoe and Eva have been learning about.?

Meeting Bella

This week, Bella, our gorgeous school dog, has been out in the sunshine at lunchtime to meet the children. Everyone loved spending time with her, even those who were a little nervous to start with. As you can see, Bella really enjoyed all of the attention.

Learning about materials

This week in Year 2 we had great fun learning about materials. The children thought about and set up their own investigations to find out which material would be the best for building a circus tent. We decided that the material used should be waterproof, flexible and strong. What super scientists!

Miss Mackie

The Circus by Kadey

The circus is a place that you go to for watching shows and performers. You can get food and drinks. In the circus you could see an acrobats, juggerlur and fire breathers. After every circus show, the circus moves from town to town across the country and sometimes to a different country. The performers try really hard to get to the circus.


By Kadey


Perfect Pizzas

On Tuesday, Beech class visited MOD Pizza in Romford. They had a fantastic time making their own pizzas. There were lots of lovely fresh toppings to choose from and the children enjoyed adding all their favourite ingredients. The best part though was eating them after they had been cooked! Look at these happy faces.

Science week

As part of Science Week, Year Two have been busy planting our own tomato, pea and cress seeds. We are investigating how having no light, water and soil may affect the growth of the plants too.


World Book Day photos

Look at our fantastic costumes!

Please watch this video to see more fabulous outfits!

Woodland Walks

Year Two have started their new topic of ‘Woodland Walks’. We have been using lego, materials and drawing to create our own fox homes. We are now using our creations to write descriptively about a setting. 

Mrs Rice