William Morris


Year 4 have finished their Art project which was a study of William Morris and his work. We then made our own print blocks and printed some ‘wallpaper’. Our display is outside Maple class and reflects the wonderful work and effort we have put in! Well done Year 4!

Mrs Price

This week in Year 4 by Jason and Thomas


By Jason and Thomas

In year 4 we are learning about lots of different countries around the World.  We have learnt that there are  7 continents in the world and 7 seas. The continents are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.  Our favourite continent is south America  because it is hot.

In PE we have been playing Hockey.  We have been learning how to stand, how to hold the stick, how to pass the ball and then block it.

In Computing, Mrs Sale told us about HTML which mean hyper text mark up language. This is what is used to make websites. We will be making a basic website of our film reivews. We also have a Google Classroom that we can use to help us to learn about HTML.

Newspaper reports

Year 4 have written newspaper reports about an invasion of slavers into an African village. They have carried out drama and interviews and used what was said to get a quote, which they could recognise as someone’s opinion.  We included ‘facts’ from the story.  Children wrote up their stories in their neatest, cursive handwriting.  The final pieces are most impressive.  Well done Year 4.

Mrs Fuller

Art – By Sophia, Grace and Kakon


This half term year 4 are learning about William Morris and his art. William Morris like to paint pictures of nature.

In class we were given a piece of paper with three squares on it. Then we chose our favourite picture and drew it. Then we drew our picture on polystyrene which was really difficult. It made lots of holes which we then tried to join up.  We then used the polystyrene  to make a print. Some of the prints were good and some were a bit smudged.

It was great fun because we love using paints and making mess.

By Sophia, Grace and Kakon.



Victorian Tea Party

Year 4 hosted our Victorian Tea party this week and it was superb. Children were dressed in Victorian costumes and entertained their parents and family members, with ballroom dancing and singing too. Tea was flowing and delicious cakes were served. Thank you to everyone that came and donated cakes. We really enjoyed ourselves!


Making music at the Gamelan Workshop


Year 4 went to Sutton School to take part in a ‘Gamelan’ workshop.  It was to learn about Indonesian music.  Although it was noisy, the children all learnt a song in Indonesian, practiced rhythms and beats and had a go on some spectacular instruments, including an impressive gong.




Making circuits

In Science, Year 4 have been looking at circuits and have managed to create their own working circuit. Some children then even managed to change components of the circuit to see if anything changed.

Miss Joseph


This week in Year 4 by Gabriel

Year 4

Topic is my favourite lesson because when I was in year 3 on Topic I had to draw a robin bird and my favourite part is colouring it in.  I am  now in year 4 and our Topic is cakes  – Angel cakes,  Chocolate cakes and all the others.

Our Maths is awesome .  Fast Maths is also awesome because in year 4 you learn lots more Maths.  I bet we are going to work in 10,000’s because in year 3 we only learnt up to 1000.  

by Gabriel