Victorian Tea Party

Year 4 hosted our Victorian Tea party this week and it was superb. Children were dressed in Victorian costumes and entertained their parents and family members, with ballroom dancing and singing too. Tea was flowing and delicious cakes were served. Thank you to everyone that came and donated cakes. We really enjoyed ourselves!


Making music at the Gamelan Workshop


Year 4 went to Sutton School to take part in a ‘Gamelan’ workshop.  It was to learn about Indonesian music.  Although it was noisy, the children all learnt a song in Indonesian, practiced rhythms and beats and had a go on some spectacular instruments, including an impressive gong.




Making circuits

In Science, Year 4 have been looking at circuits and have managed to create their own working circuit. Some children then even managed to change components of the circuit to see if anything changed.

Miss Joseph


This week in Year 4 by Gabriel

Year 4

Topic is my favourite lesson because when I was in year 3 on Topic I had to draw a robin bird and my favourite part is colouring it in.  I am  now in year 4 and our Topic is cakes  – Angel cakes,  Chocolate cakes and all the others.

Our Maths is awesome .  Fast Maths is also awesome because in year 4 you learn lots more Maths.  I bet we are going to work in 10,000’s because in year 3 we only learnt up to 1000.  

by Gabriel

Welcome to Year 4

We have been very busy experiencing what it would be like in a school during the Victorian era.  We  were taught in a class of 60 and had to learn poetry off by heart do PE drills and recite it and learn number facts. In the afternoon the girls learnt to sew on a button whilst the boys did more academic stuff.  It was all very serious and gave them a flavour of how strict school was back then.

Art Week by Charlie


Today we drew some pictures of some sculptures.  We were told to draw the whole picture or chose just a part of it. I drew a man that was falling into a glass and I also sketched a coconut. We sketched with a B6, B3 and a normal HB pencil. I noticed that the B3 and B6 pencils were darker and more crumbly than the HB pencil.

IMG_2139 2 IMG_2001

We are also going to make a tile mosaic so we practised our tile design. I did the London underground sign but swapped the words ‘Elm Park’ for “Aspen Class”. Here is a photo of my tile sketch


By Charlie



Art Week


Year 3 have been enjoying working on our drawing skills during art week. So far we have learned about how to make our drawings look more realistic using perspective for landscapes and light and shade for still life. We have been practising using a sketchbook to build our ideas before creating a final piece. The children have shown such enthusiasm and worked incredibly hard; we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on at the exhibition on Friday!

Havering Cricket Festival

The year 3 and 4 cricket team attended a Havering cricket festival, on Wednesday, at Rainham Cricket Club. The team, consisting of Carter S, Nathan B, Alfie, Destiny, Ire, Harish L, Aidon, Jayden S, enjoyed 5 wins and only 1 loss to secure 3rd place over all!

Well played boys!


Miss Brown

This week in Year 3….by Raul and Charlie

Making Potions

In our Literacy lesson on Tuesday  we were writing about how to make a snoring elixir for Hiccup ‘s dad. Hiccups dad wanted to go to Isle of Skullions as there is treasure there but Hiccup didn’t want his dad to go to because he heard that if you go there you don’t return. In our potion we put pigeon eyeballs, fairy dust, dead worms and sloth blood.

Hiccup made the potion in the lucky seven ship and we were describing what the potion looked like. Here is what I wrote…

Hiccup crept down into the cabin. The whole cabin smelt so bad. It was all because of the potion. He could see the bubbles floating in the air. The potion was as green as a dragons skin. “This potion is perfect”.

By Raul


Empty class day  

Last week in literacy we acted outside and we pretended to be the three main characters from how to train your dragon as a pirate. I was the leader of the tribe, Godber the Belch. We didn’t have to follow the story, we could make up our own story using the characters. It was great fun. I liked acting with Kakon who was Hiccup and Samuel who was Toothless.

Samuel was really funny as toothless

We also did some sculptures outside during our art lesson. Luca and I sculpted a circle with flowers on it.

By Charlie