Sports Day

Towards the end of the week, we had both KS1 and KS2 Sports Day. The weather was great and the children were ready to go! Each child wore either red, yellow, green or blue and represented their colour/house in their races. KS2 Sports Day took place first with a 9:30 start, it saw the children take part in sprints, long jump, long distance, throwing and a relay. 

During lunch time there was a picnic on the field where parents, children and teachers ate lunch and enjoyed a BBQ put on by The Friends of Elm Park Primary. 

The KS1 Sports Day started shortly after lunch. Children took part in 6 events egg and spoon race, sprint, obstacle relay, corridor relay, ball throw and the sack race. 

We would like to thank all parents and careers for attending and The Friends of Elm Park Primary for supporting. A final thank you to Evie Bragger for her fantastic photography. 

Miss Joseph

Junior Music Festival

The KS2 choir did our school proud on Friday at the Junior Music Festival at the Queens theatre. We were the smallest choir there but that did not stop them putting in a show stopping performance of ‘Walking on Sunshine’.

Well done KS2 choir you are all superstars!

Miss Munro


Health and Fitness Week

Health and Fitness Week has been a great success with the children taking part in lots of different activities and being able to enjoy different healthy fruit and veg. On Monday, the children took part in the 5-a-day Pentathlon and will be trying to better their score in September. Throughout the day on Tuesday, children took part in a Clubbercise session in which they danced the day away to some classic songs. The smoothie bike took off on Wednesday, as we saw each class create their winning smoothie. Finally on Thursday the children took to their seats to watch Teachers vs Year 6 rounder, which saw the teacher win. 

Miss Joseph

Number fun

This week, the whole school has been on the look out for big red numbers! The numbers are hidden and the children are on a mission to find them and return them to Miss Brown,along with a fact of their choice about that number. The children have enjoyed searching throughout the school and showing off their number skills!

Miss Brown

Poplar Class make Pizzas

On Tuesday 5th June, Poplar class were lucky enough to visit Pizza Express in lakeside for a master class in pizza making! They were able to create their crusts in the dough,  shake their tomato purée into place and sprinkle on cheese and oregano to make the perfect, mouth-watering pizza! We learnt about olive trees and were amazed that the oldest olive tree in the world is over 2000 years old! We got to try tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and olives. The staff at Pizza Express were blown away with Poplar’s amazing behaviour and superb listening skills, commenting that they were the “best class we’ve had in years” An excellent commendation! And to top everything off the children were given certificates stating they are now fully qualified Junior Pizzaiolos

Miss Deighan


This week in Year 5 by Maggie and Elisabeth

Planetarium school trip

On Monday the 21st of May year 5 went on a school trip to Greenwich planetarium where we had lots of fun. We travelled by tube. The first area we visited were small rooms filled with facts and videos with information. In the second small room we saw how rainbows are made and we found out names of some of the planets. After that we went to a workshop about planets and the different phases of the moon. Everyone learned a lot from the workshop. The last thing we did was go to a show where we had to look at the ceiling where facts about the planets appeared. Everyone had a very fun time.

By Maggie



Awesome space assembly

Today year 5 will be wearing our fabulous space suits that we made for our homework. Some people made helmets, some people made a back pack and a few people made a WHOLE SPACE SUIT! I’m sure everyone is excited and nervous to style their fabulous creations in front of everyone.


Poplar year 5



This week in Year 5 by Maggie, Alice and Elisabeth

Cosmic predictions

On Monday and Tuesday we made predictions of what will happen next in our book called COSMIC; Liam has just got off the aeroplane and they are in China. Liam won a prize to be the first person the rocket! Well done to summer with her hilarious predictions that left everyone laughing!!! Great job everyone. 

By Alice and Elisabeth

Year 5



Space slides maths

In maths this week we have been doing maths as a class. We got into groups of three and we started making our problem solving slides about space. It was really fun and we will be showing them at the end of the week

by Maggie


Year 5

This week in Year 5 by Maggie, Alice and Elisabeth

How to talk to your teen

In literacy we have started to write a booklet about how to talk to your teen. We made cool front covers that mostly had pictures of parents and their teens. We are basing this on the book Cosmic. In this booklet we will write different ways for parents to talk to their teenagers. Everyone enjoyed the first lesson on their booklets

By Maggie and Alice


Perfected potions!

Today in maths we made Hermione Grangers potion also known as poly juice potion. We added all sorts of things like leech juice or the essence of worm wood. We had to add all the ingredients then work out the cost. Afterwards you had to mix it for twenty minutes. Then leave it out in the sun for two months; if you got it correct then it wouldn’t evaporate. Once it was finished you put a piece of your hair and who you want to turn into hair. Then you drink it. Apparently it tastes disgusting!

By Elisabeth


year 5

Visit to London Zoo

On Tuesday, Year 5 visited London Zoo. We all had an absolute wail of a time exploring all the exciting exhibits. The children were able to find out more about the animals watching interactive shows throughout the day and even became Rainforest Explorers during our workshop! As always, the children behaved impeccably and showed wonderful manners everywhere we went. It was a pleasure to take them all! Well done Year 5!