Alice and Elsie’s update

Newspaper reports

This week we have been writing newspaper reports about a sneaky person who stole the valuable sunflowers painting by Vincent Van Gogh!!!! We have been predicting who stole it and then writing a newspaper report about it.


Maple year 4

Art Week

This is art week and we are focusing on sketching and drawing. On Tuesday we went on a website to do step by step drawing of African animals such as wild cats and Elephants for a warm up. We were allowed to choose from a lion, a giraffe, a leopard, a hippopotamus, a zebra and a rhino to copy and sketch. Harish’s rhino was great, everyone else’s animals was great too!!!


Maple year 4  

The Stolen Picture

 The Stolen Picture

For Art week the teachers borrowed Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflower painting which was then  stolen.  We believe the person was wearing gold earrings, a blue hat and red dress.  Also there was a lot of people in school last night so we are writing news reports about the stolen painting. We have got some suspects.

by Aidon

Alice and Elsie’s update

Super sports day

Today at Sports Day we walked out to our songs like Olympians.   Our parents came to watch us throw, jump, long distance, sprint and relay race. WE were all in our team colours and in the end Ruby came 4th  Emerald came 3rd,  Amber came 2nd and Sapphire came 1st.  Each person got a card and sticker to show what place they came in their event

by Elsie

Our new book

We have been reading a new book called The Village That Vanished. It is about slaves trying to capture people and the people try to make a plan to save the village but the oldest person in the village refuses to do the plan with the other villagers .


yr 4 maple

Quad Kids by Elsie

Quad kids

This week in P.E we were practicing for a sport event called quad kids. The events that you do are jumping, throwing, sprinting and long running. Two boys and two girls from each class in year 3 – year 5 qualify. For maple class it was Ire, Harvey, Kyra and myself. Well done to everyone who made the team!

by Elsie

This week in year 4 by Aidon and Jayden

Quick Cricket

In P.E we have been playing and learning the rules of quick cricket every Tuesday and Wednesday.   Both classes have been really sensible in cricket and we have made a cricket club where people can join if they like. We hope soon that we can get into a cricket tournament.

Before we started these lessons I didn’t know all of the cricket rules so I have really enjoyed these lessons.




Papyrus paper

On Monday we made papyrus paper and here’s how you do it

First of all you need to rip some pieces of paper. Then you dip them in some PVA glue. Then you need to get a piece of A4 paper and put the strips of paper on the A4 paper. Next we rubbed an old wet teabag onto the paper to make it look old.

When it had dried we drew Egyptian gods on the paper.

By Jayden


Egyptian Day!

Last Thursday, the children had a marvellous day filled with a variety of Egyptian themed  activities. In the morning, the children worked in groups to design and create their own version of Egyptian death masks. The afternoon was filled with an Egyptian style dance off, Egyptian jewellery making and a spot of mummifying! The children looked absolutely fantastic in their Egyptian outfits. A big thank you for all of the extra help parents and guardians must have put in to ensure the children were Egyptian Day ready! Have a little look at some of our photos from the day!

The Year 4 Team




Are all metals magnetic?

On Wednesday the children were asked to sort magnetic and non magnetic materials.  The main question to answer was – Are all metals magnetic?  It was a fun afternoon and the children were quite fascinated making paper clips and other metal items move by putting a magnet under their desks. Iron filings were used to detect where a magnet’s magnetic field is and what shape it is.


Forces and Magnets

Summer term is under way and year 4 have started a new science topic – Forces and Magnets.

You can make something start or stop moving when you push or pull it.  For example, you would push a shopping trolley, or pull a weed from the ground. Last week we experimented using model cars and different surfaces to slow them down.  We learned that friction slowed our vehicles down.  Take a look at some pictures from the afternoon.