Clay Models

This week  we  have made clay pots for our Greek topic.  On Thursday  we painted them in the  theme of red and black . We used white clay for the pots and moulded it into the pot shape here are some examples . We tried to make it as ancient as we can so we put patterns and images . 

By Joshua

Meeting Bella

This week, Bella, our gorgeous school dog, has been out in the sunshine at lunchtime to meet the children. Everyone loved spending time with her, even those who were a little nervous to start with. As you can see, Bella really enjoyed all of the attention.

This week in Year 4 by Lizzie

What we did today in the classroom…

Literacy Larch class –  Year 4…

Today we wrote half of a story and tomorrow the other half. We are writing about a video that is about an archaeologist in Egypt who is in a mysterious tomb. He has found a giant chest of gold! But he can’t get it because he has to keep his hand on a lever and the lever opens the door to the gold!

Maths Larch class year 4…

Today in maths we practised drawing number lines (because some people in my class don’t take time doing it) and  it helped our maths very much.

By Lizzie






Elm Park Primary at the BAFTAs

On Saturday Mrs. Sale and Mrs. Woods took 4 of our children to the BAFTA Cinema to see the screening of the first 4 episodes of the Night Zookeeper.  They had a special invitation from the Night Zookeeper himself.  Two of our children had designed characters which appeared in Episode 2 and Episode 3. The characters were the Guardian of Green which was a panda and the Guardian of Yellow which was a Monkey.  Lindsey Russell (Presenter on Blue Peter) was the host.  The actors of the show came on stage and the children in the audience could ask them questions.  Our children were asked up on the stage for some fun activities and one of our children was also interviewed regarding his character.  All in all, it was a brilliant day

Egyptian Death Masks

Year 4 have been designing and making their own Egyptian death mask.
The children started off designing their own in their sketch books. In groups they they decided on one design to follow and create. They used paper mache and other techniques to create their chosen design and finished it off with different coloured paint.

Miss Joseph

This week in Year 4 by Clara, Noorish and Jannah


What I Did in Class (Maple)

In class today we had three assessments, one spelling assessment, a maths assessment and finally a SPAG test. I got a decent score and most of the people in my class scored above 15.

Our topic is currently Ancient Egypt and we are learning about the mummification process. The book we are reading in class is called The Time Traveling Cat and The Egyptian Goddess!

In guided reading we are thinking about recognising the different theme of a piece of writing. Some afternoons we do Egyptian Art and this includes using the water, paints drawing and many more!

By Clara


In Class we did 3 assessments and I got a pretty good score of 15 in every test.  Also we are learning about Mummification.  We already learned  about the Canopic jars and the washing process . In our guided reading we are currently reading The Time Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess .




In class we did three assessments ( Literacy, Maths, Spelling) and also a SPAG test as well, I also got a fabulous score on some of my test , some my score was over 15.  o

Our Art project is all about Ancient Egypt and we are going to learn more about them and also we are learning about mummification processes as well. The Egyptian book we are reading is called the “Time Travelling cat and goddess”. In guided reading we thinking about  the themes. In some afternoons we are going to do Ancient Egypt Arts

by Jannah



Skyping with Whipsnade Zoo

Year 4 had a fantastic Skype Session with ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. The children were able to see penguins in their natural habitat and speak to one of the zookeepers about their daily lives. We were taught about the different types of teeth an animal can have and how their teeth are linked to their diet. We also spent some time looking at food chains and ended the session with some questions. Both classes had a great time and consolidated their existing knowledge of food chains, animals and teeth. 
Miss Joseph