What a week year six have had in Sealyham.

As I didn’t have my own group, I had the privilege of joining each group on a range of activities, seeing all of the children excel and getting to do Coasteering (my favourite) three times – what a bonus! Every single child has experienced new activities that they have never done before as well as personal challenges, but everybody (including staff) has shown perseverance in overcoming these from simply getting in the water and swimming (having not been able to before) to hanging upside down doing the Spider-Man challenge on the High Ropes (also my own personal challenge).

It has been incredibly rewarding to see children, who at the beginning of the week were nervous and anxious, take control of their fears and push themselves so that they were so confident they helped others –  we definitely have some future outdoor activity instructors in our midsts. Many children loved it so much that they want to find clubs to continue the activities at home.

The first night saw our year six children successfully complete the assault course: a series of challenges involving swinging, climbing, crawling and balancing through mud, water and eventually darkness as the sun set. Some of us found this difficult – especially getting muddy – but we all carried on and helped each other get to the end, even across teams! The following evening we were in the woods, where we had a BBQ, sharing riddles, telling jokes, singing songs and eating hot dogs. On Tuesday evening, our teamworks skills were tested yet again as we completed the night line (a blindfolded obstacle course in the forest) whilst the teachers distracted them. For the penultimate night activity, we managed to convince the Sealyham staff to allow us to compete the Trim Trail – a personal favourite of the staff – even though they thought they had done their final session for the season. It is impossible to come out of this activity without being covered from head to toe in mud; everybody got stuck in and thoroughly enjoyed crawling, climbing and trudging through wet muddy pools. The beaming smiles and laughter afterwards were evidence enough of how much we all loved this activity too. Our final night was our presentation where every child received a certificate from their instructors, who told everyone about their highlights during the week’s activities; followed by a disco.

We are proud of each and every one of you and hope that you remember these experiences and memories that even when you were scared and thought that you couldn’t do it, you persevered and conquered your fears. It’s proof that you can do anything that you set your mind to.

Please visit our school Facebook page (Elm Park Primary School) for the pictures from our week


Albany Challenge Day

Today, Year Six had the fantastic opportunity to attend Albany school and take part in some taster lessons such as English, Spanish and Science. We had a tour of the school; got a free lunch (which was delicious) and we even got to play on the field with children from another school. It was very well organised, and the pupils who helped to show us round were a credit to the school. Many of us would now consider Albany as one of our choices for secondary school.


Augmented Reality

Becoming fully immersed in WW1, we used the LGFL WW1 app which used augmented reality to bring different artefacts and important historical areas of WW1 to life. Working in groups, we collated this information (and further research) onto a poster and then presented what we had learnt to the rest of our class.

IMG_2226 IMG_2350 IMG_3216

Here are some of our fantastic posters!

IMG_1173 IMG_1938

Chime Bar Fun!

On Tuesday afternoon, Spruce class had their first music lesson of the year with the brand new chime bars, which were kindly donated by the Friends of Elm Park Primary. We thoroughly enjoyed reading music and playing individually, in groups and as a whole class; so much so that we can’t wait to use them again!

IMG_1607 IMG_1609

Sycamore Royal Observatory Trip

On Tuesday, Sycamore class finally had their visit to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. We had a workshop with an astronomer, who taught us about the Sun, Earth and the Moon, which was very interesting. Afterwards, we watched the planetarium, where we were transported into space, visiting different planets. It. Was. Awesome. We also stood astride the GMT line so we were technically in different time zones. On the way home, we had many compliments about our fantastic behaviour – well done.

Here are some pictures from our day!

IMG_1925 IMG_1918 IMG_1915

‘Bake off’ fun!


On Thursday, Evie and Taylor from Year 5 attended a ‘Bake Off’ at the Frances Bardsley School where they each had the opportunity to design and make a Victoria Sponge cake. They both thoroughly enjoyed the task and eating the result! 


Football Skills workshop


imageEight budding footballers from year 5 were invited to participate in a ‘Skills workshop and Round Robin Tournament’ run by West Ham United at Emerson Park Academy.  We were delighted to celebrate winning the tournament and bringing the silverware back to Elm Park Primary!  Congratulation to Jokubas, Destiny, Finley, Alfie, Frankie, Chloe, Modebola and Tilly!

Mrs Stevenson

Quad Kids trials by Mode

Year 5 Physical Education (P.E)

 This week commencing the 15th of May 2017, year 5 have been doing Quad Kids trials, which is where you have to do a series of sports such as: Running long distance (6 laps of the field) Throwing, Jumping and Sprinting. We had it split into two different categories which were girls and boys and from there we had separate activities. From the girls’ race in long distance Erin B won the race, which was very much expected. In jumping I won it, which was a surprise! Also in sprinting I won as well – you never know what you could do if you aspire to be the best you can be!

By Mode,


This week by Mode, Nassrah, Ella and Bobby



This week in year 5, we have been learning about instruction writing. We started by looking at our book: ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce.  It is a very interesting book and we looked at a guide for ‘How to talk to your teen’ and since then we have been making up our own rules and guidelines for the above. So far in Literacy, we have made our front cover and the start for our booklet; after all, finding ways to talk to a teenager is entertaining!

By Mode,




 Doubling and halving by year 5 !

 Halving is taking away

Doubling is adding .

half 20 =10

half 40=20

half 60 =30

By Nassrah



Albany Visit.

Year 5 were visited by The Albany School. We were in groups and we had a pupil from Albany to help us. We all had to imagine that an asteroid was hitting earth in five days and we had to make a rocket.

Our first task was to make a tower out of paper, paper clips, elastic bands and cello tape. This was to house everybody that came to the planet.

Next we designed a flag for our planet. We made them bright and used different designs. We drew what we liked. Some people drew horses, footballs or even themselves!

The last and most fun activity was to make spacesuits. We used plastic bags, tin foil and cello tape. Then we made a two minute advert for our planet and we had to model our space suits. We had great fun!

by Ella,




In the computing lessons this week we investigated a n app called Switch and Glitch. It is a coding game. We had to make the robot get to the finish line by clicking arrows to send it in the right direction. The robot is in a maze and has to reach the finish line. IF you go the wrong way the robot shakes his head.

I think it was a cool game and other children would enjoy it

By Bobby